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The van Meegen Group of Companies built 3 River Cruise Ships. Dimensions 110 meter long and 11.45 meter wide. Each ship has 68 cabins (each for 2 persons) with bathtub and shower on each cabin. There are 40 crew members on-board for Nautical and Catering Services, also for the crew there are 23 dubble-cabins with shower on each cabin.

The 2 Ships "MPS Serenade 1" & "MPS Serenade 2" were specially built for Japanese market. The design of the Hull and also the interior was designed on the demand of the Japanese guests. It were also the first 2 ships in Europe that have 2 decks with French balconies.

The 3th Ships was made for the Swiss market and was named "MPS Excellence", This Ship is sailing in France on the River Rhône.

Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort