Van Meegen Group of Companies is a privately owned and privately funded company. Headquartered in Bemmel, the Group unites companies which all together provide overall expertise in inland shipping, mainly covering three fields River cruises, Intermodal transport and building ships.

A.A. van Meegen, the Founder, President and CEO of the company has been in the inland shipping business since 1974. His choice of activity was not a coincidence, for van Meegen family has been in shipping since the 17th century. Passionate about ships, A.A. van Meegen has collected a significant knowledge and has rich experience in various fields related to the nautical industry: ship design, ship building (River cargo vessels and River cruise ships and also Yachts), nautical management, inland shipping. The last years there is also more international business as Counselor in new projects.

The Van Meegen Companies current main fields activities are:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • River Cruise Market
  • Recruiting Nautical personal
  • New Building Container Ships and River Cargo ships
  • Harbor activities and Counselor special projects
  • Counselor for several projects in the Middle - East specially the Kingdom of Bahrain
    • Advice for Sakhir Formula 1 Circuit
    • Advice for Shuttle service between the Islands of Bahrain

Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort