1974 - 1978 Phijffer Barging, Sailor - Engineer - Captain.

1978 - 1980 Miro company, Manager sales department.

1980 - 1986 Straaten automotive, Manager sales department.

1986 - 1991 Huybers automotive, Managing director.

1991 - 2021 Starting as entrepreneur and start-up the Van Meegen Group of Companies.

1991-2001 - Opening new main-office in Bemmel(Netherlands).

1991-1999 - Developing and distributing worldwide Recaro Maritime Wheelhouse seats (sold in 1999).

1992-1996 - Dealership of Nautical equipment form Radio Zeeland & Radio Holland, Siemens and Swiss Radars.(sold in 1999).

1993-1996 - Starting up with USA partner "DMP' in Ft.Lauderdale, Electronic company for Mega-Yacht (sold in 1995).

1994-1997 - starting up a fuel supply station for inland cargo ships by the City of Nijmegen (sold in 1997)

1994-2004 - Trade Company for inland cargo ships (Buying and Selling).

1997-2000 - Re-building 5 inland cargo ships to containership and also doing the complete exploitation (sold in 2000).

2001-2003 - Opening new main-office in Nijmegen (Netherlands).

1995-1999 - Building a tanker for special purpose for river-transport of edible oils and fats (sold in 1999).

1998-2001 - Building 11 x 48Teu containerships for the small Canals and rivers in the Netherlands(sold in 2001)

1997-2005 - Counselor for several hinterland container terminals for starting up tri-modal transport to Rotterdam en Antwerpen.

2004-2007 - Opening new main-office in Bemmel (Netherlands)

2004-2007 - Opening new company in New-York and developing new cruise ships for the City of New-York to start-up the River Cruise market on the Hudson River (still in proces).

2004-2009 - Counselor for Ceres Paragon Terminal Amsterdam Logistic and start up the modal-shift.

2004-2009 - Opening 2 offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam for inter-modal transport and hire several container ships.

2004-2009 - Buying MS Rembrandttoren- MS Lingewaard- MS C├ęst La Vie for the benefit of the Amsterdam Ceres Terminal. Announcement of two strings of Grand Alliance arriving at the Ceres Paragon Terminal and setting up the Amsterdam Intermodal Transport BV to organize hinterland connections to/from Amsterdam.(Activities sold in 2009).

2004-2012 - Custom-Built and launch River Cruise Ship "MPS Serenade 1" (sold 2012) and "MPS Serenade 2" (sold in 2014) . Buying "MPS Serenity" (sold 2012)- "MPS My Story" (sold 2012) - "MPS Royal Crown" - "MPS Switzerland 2" (sold 2014).And operating all mentioned ships, including sales & catering/nautical management.

2006-2007 - Developing a new strategie for the chinees market for outbound tourism for the European River Cruises market.

2006-2009 - Building and launching the River Cruise Ship "MPS Excellence", sold to Twerenbold reisen in Swiss in 2009.

2007-2012 - Opening new main-office in Huissen (Netherlands).

2008-2009 - Merged Rotterdam office and Amsterdam office, and services our clients from one main office.

2009-2016 - Buying the "MPS Royal Crown" (ex River Cloud) and operate this river cruise ship to several touroperators worldwide.

2012-2014 - Start-Up sales activities with The River Yachting Club for several touroperators worldwide.

2012-2016 - Opening new-main office in Bemmel (Netherlands)

2013-2014 - Operating River Cruise Ship "MPS Queen MAXIMA".

2014-2015 - Opening new office in Shanghai for Tourism of the European River Cruise Market.

2014-2016 - Counselor for middle-east projects.

2014-2016 - Mergers and acquisitions of International Companies and Projects.

2015-2021 - PortLiner Project Zero Emission inland Barges and E-Storage Pontoons

Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort