Future Classic River Cruise Ship (click for more details)

A new dimension in the world of Luxury.

This will be the journey of a lifetime, a luxury escape that will exceed the expectations of the most discerning of travellers and will impress even the most vivid imagination leaving unforgatable memorise and a longing to return....

The van Meegen group of Companies is a privatly owned company, Ton van Meegen, the founder and chairman of the company has been in the maritime business since 1974. Passionate about ships, he has collected significant knowledge and has rich experience in various fields related to the nautical industry.

The van Meegen Group of Companies - a team of professionals highly experienced in various maritime related areas - ship design, shipbuilding, nautical management, hotel management - focuses its diversity of skills on what it feels is its most important demand, exceeding clients expectations

5 Star River Cruise Ship

The van Meegen Group of Companies intentions are to build a 5 star River Cruise Ship with offers a

- Brand new level of satisfying guests expectations

- Unique concept, that will ultimate change the traditional vision of a river cruise

- New dimension of the world of luxury

Chic, classically elegant and sophisticated, one of the largest (135 meters long) and most superior river cruise ship will be a totally new experience in cruising the european rivers

Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort